Miss. Tic

A poet, visual artist and leading figure in street art, Miss.Tic has been developing a pictorial and poetic universe, stencilled on Paris walls since 1985. With characteristic drawings of women and incisive statements, her creations express freedom. Her art is based on a subtle blend of lightness and gravity, insouciance and provocation.

Miss. Tic, Au pied du mur couleur soufre l’amour s’éteint, 1985
Miss. Tic, Pas de correspondance pour la passion mon vieux tu as toujours un métro de retard, 1985

Miss. Tic

Present in galleries and public spaces alike, her work combines perennial supports with ephemeral interventions. Regularly exhibited since 1986 in France and abroad, sought after by the fashion world (Kenzo, Louis Vuitton…) and approached by the world of cinema (in 2007, she designed the poster for Claude Chabrol’s La Fille coupée en deux), Miss.Tic also took part in the 2010 edition of the Petit Larousse, illustrating words from the French language.

J’enfile l’art mur pour bombarder des mots coeurs / stencil
Miss Tic, Louis Vuitton invitation card, 2001

Represented at international contemporary art fairs, some of her works have been acquired by the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, and the Fonds municipal d’art contemporain de la ville de Paris. Miss.Tic’s art is born of life, and inscribed in it. Her works are for everyone, and make the public their regular and critical recipients.

We were lucky enough to meet the artist on several occasions and to finalize a collaboration with her in 2017 before her death a few years later.