Artémus éditions, the manifesto

Create. With the hand of man, the sense of tradition and French craftsmanship, the passion for living heritage.


Reproduce. Without interpreting, without damaging, without altering, with respect and admiration for the original work.


Propose. Editions are carefully crafted in material and form or transposed into our time, but always faithful to the spirit of the creator.


Protect. Editions are subject to the approval of the rights holders or their representatives. By working closely with them, we contribute to the high standards and respect for the creations of the artists we represent.



Artémus has been an art publisher since for artists and museums.

Since 2023 he has been publishing a collection under his own name, focusing on shaped pieces and statuary connected to our times by the genius of artists.

He is the world specialist in the François Pompon edition.


Pearlink International is Artemus’ workshop, enabling its ideas to be produced and distributed.


Over a hundred international galleries and museums have partnered with us to present our art editions.