Richard Orlinski

Richard Orlinski muséum édition collection for Artémus

Richard Orlinski began his artistic career in 2004, creating his 1st work, a crocodile in bright red resin, which quickly became an iconic piece in the sculptor’s bestiary.

He draws his inspiration from everyday objects and pop-culture. Richard Orlinski quickly developed new sculptures, often of animals, all symbols of freedom, power and passion. The result was electric, pop-colored, faceted works that toured the world.

Exhibiting his often spectacularly large works in unusual, open-air locations has become his trademark.

Driven by the desire to democratize art and make it accessible to as many people as possible, Richard Orlinski is interested in all means of expression, and his art knows no boundaries.

Since 2015, Richard Orlinski has been the best-selling French contemporary artist in the world.

Richard Orlinski Giant Kong with barrel

Artémus and Orlinski present

Orlinski museum edition

Richard Orlinski with the museum editions featuring Artémus éiditons

“I believe deeply in the power of art (…) often, people don’t dare push open the door of a gallery or museum, so I make the museum come to them!”

– Richard Orlinski

“Your mission if you accept it: You must capture the essence of your era by creating a unique, recognizable volume work that fits into the universe of an iconic collection; so? Yes or no? Not easy…. Impossible?
Richard Orlinski has done it.
Thank you, artist, and welcome to the museum.

Le Penseur becomes bestial,

Milo’s Venus is adorned with facets,

L’Ours blanc from Pompon shows its fangs.