L’Ours blanc by François Pompon sculpture in black cast marble

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Technical details

Year of the edition



L 46 cm x H 25 cm x D 12.3 cm


12 kg


Cast marble


Satin black


umbered and limited to 499 copies, plus 49 artist's proofs Nand 3 offprints


Individual number inlaid under the right hind leg. Numbered certificate of authenticity, certified by the publisher's stamp and signed by Cyril Brulé, President of the François Pompon Association.


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Note of intent

The most faithful reproduction of François Pompon’s original statuette of the White Bear, exhibited at the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Dijon.

Cutting-edge technology and skilled craftsmen for a perfect reproduction.

We produced a high-definition 3D scan of the original sculpture in the very room dedicated to François Pompon at the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Dijon, and then 3D printed it with rigorous fidelity. The rest is in the hands of the skilled craftsmen of our molding workshop, who produce a perfect edition that respects the artist’s original work, in the pure tradition of statuary molders.

Respect for the original dimensions chosen by François Pompon.

The Artémus manifesto reflects the values of the artists’ studios of François Pompon’s period, when the reproduction of works was carried out with the same exacting standards as those applied to original works; without interpretation, by offering a “mirror” edition, whether in terms of size or material. We have therefore scrupulously preserved the original size: it measures 46 cm long and 24.6 cm high.

Respect for the sculptor’s preferred material.

At a very early age, François Pompon begin to work as a stone cutter and then as a stone sculptor. He retains this love of noble stone throughout his life, even if he often lacks the financial resources to use it in his personal creations. At the age of 67, he presented his White Bear at the 1922 Autumn Fair. Recognition at last. Commissions from museums and collectors poured in. He made a few in marble, and also cast copies in bronze.

To remain as close as possible to the artist’s intention, our reproduction is made from 12 kg of reconstituted marble with a satin black finish. You’ll rediscover the visual sensation of the work exhibited at the Museum, the expression of movement and the simplification of lines in the service of the animal’s beauty, the respect and admiration we have for the artist.

Our intention with this luxury edition is to offer you, for the first time, a contemporary sculpture by François Pompon, created using traditional craftsmanship.
This edition is faithful to the original work, and has been conceived in close collaboration with the museums, the owners and the association that defends the artist’s moral interests.
There is no confusion with the editions produced during the artist’s lifetime, as each bears the official hallmark of Artémus éditions and is accompanied by an individual certificate of authenticity.
Only 499 of the sculptures in this inventory will be made in white reconstituted marble, and the same number in black reconstituted marble.
The mold will be destroyed after production.

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